4 Anahata - Heart Chakra

The focal energy of the Heart Chakra is the middle of the chest. This is our fourth Chakra, but the first that relates to our Emotional Self, representing compassion, love and devotion, forgiveness, openness and trust, and emotional peace and contentment.

Direct Translation

Anahata = Unhurt

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  • Under-Active – feeling emotionally lost, angry, jealous, lonely, stressed, high blood pressure, heart related health problems, cold and distant
  • Balanced – feeling emotionally balanced and at peace, friendly, generous, loving and trusting
  • Over-Active – overly loving, emotionally suffocating, too trusting

Heart Chakra Color

Heart Chakra is represented by the GREEN color vibration, same as Numerology Number 4.

Heart Chakra Mantra

Sanskrit word YAM
Pronounced Y A A A M M
Element AIR

Heart Chakra Mandala

Two triangles, forming a hexagram, within a twelve petaled lotus.
Anahata - Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra Mudra

Place your hands, facing up, on your knees with the thumb and ring finger forming a circle on your left hand, and your thumb and middle finger on the right
mudra heart chakra


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