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  1. Mihaela

    Very accurate reading and of great value, helpful insights! Many thanks, I appreciate!!!

  2. Lesenia M.

    I loved my reading it was so accurate and now I can move towards my goal and have more of an understanding of myself. Thank you for taking the time and love into this!

  3. katrina keilman

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I needed to see that more than you know, I appreciate how detailed and thorough you were, I'm still learning the details to do a full accuracy like this, Most ive seen charge more than I can afford right now , which really bummed me out because Ive been saying awhile now " that I needed that assurance of what I already knew about myself.. someone whose never met me to say what I know inside, you really are a blessing,I have a question maybe you can shed light to... EVERYTHING ON my chart was accurate except where I'm at on the timeline for challenges and pinnacles is it possible to be ahead by3-5 years than what the chart states, i had the lowest point of my life 18 months ago that literally forced me awake and changed my entire outlook overnight about myself, and my universal spiritual journey has been my life since ,i feel like everything manifested extremely quick , could that be the reason? Thank you so much again for sharing your knowledge!! I will definitely recommend and will keep you in mind during this amazing journey

  4. Tom Harley

    Thanks for this guys...really shocked by how accurate it was...Life path 1 - leader, domineering with ridiculously high standards haha.

    Keep chipping away daily people. We can all fulfill our potential.

    Peace and Love

    T x

  5. Claudia

    Very Inaccurate, my life path numer in 4 but the last thing i'd say from myself that i'm organized, practical and decisive. I'm a full idealist with dreams and i won't work hard. The other aspects too is complete nonsense. Sorry.

    • se7en

      No need to be sorry. Thank you for your input ... that is why I put the poll question up here in the first place. It seems as though most people do relate to the reading somehow, but it is just normal that it cannot fit everyone : )

  6. Dianne Palmer

    This definitely resonates with me very well except for one part (I do not desire several romances lol) which I think more comes into play when all things are considered. Does being left handed and the only person in a family of six who didn't wear eye glasses and blond as a child come into play somehow? lol I have always felt like a misfit and have always wondered why I stood out so much from everyone else including my siblings, I strongly feel there is a reason why my differences feel significant just cant figure out why?

  7. Paula Leane

    Very pleased with my report. Best reading I've ever had! So much information. Explained and confirmed so many things for me. Definitely recommend this to anyone but especially those with questions about their lives......Why? When? Where am I going?
    So very grateful.
    Thank you 😊

  8. Meaghan

    Was amazing very detailed , excellent to have the knowledge. So very thankful .highly recommended thank you so much 🙂

  9. Nathaniel

    ery accurate and insightful, however i was left a little confused with how and why some numers were reached. Such as 22/ 4
    Or 18/9 and 10/1 etc.. Why do only some have the 2 numbers seperated with a slash? Thank you very much for your consideration, and once more for your time, thank you.

    Nate -

    • se7en

      Hi Nathaniel, the double digit number is simply used to indicate how the final single digit number was derived at ... so 18 = 1 + 8 = 9. This is more relevant if your higher double digit vibration is a master number (such as 22) or if you have a karmic debt for example 16/7.

  10. Oddie

    I can tell that there was a lot of thought put into my reading- it is very thorough and accurate! Thanks so much!

  11. Tam


    Thank you very much for my reading, I appreciate the time and energy that was spent on it , and there is a lot I am more aware of and can take with me moving forward in life 🙂
    Love & Light


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