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  1. It is so accurate that my twin read it over and said that it is as if someone has been watching me my entire life and wrote it all down. I am so happy to have all this knowledge and while it may have been helpful to know earlier in life I feel very blessed anyway and knowing now is wonderful!

  2. Thank you so much for the report. It's insanely accurate, it resonates with my whole being. I will keep coming back to it for an insight...

  3. This is very informative, accurate and to the point. I wish I could have known about it when I was younger. I am going to use every piece of information I received. Thank you so much.

  4. I wonder if all readings are scaled with such promise. There were moments that I found emotional. I did not find much that was just wrong, but there were some. The beauty of these readings is that somehow you can feel the sense of them. Don't know how that happens.

  5. I am blown away by the accuracy, depth and a passion behind this report! Thank you very much to the person who created my report. I will keep it and refer back to it. So much of this rings true for me. Best report I’ve ever received

  6. I felt my report was mostly accurate, so I chose very accurate instead of somewhat inaccurate. However, I did want to add a few comments. First, my report was missing the plane for intuition. I thought it might just be standard until I saw someone else mention it in comments. Is there a reason?
    Also, I was hoping for a summary paragraph of some kind pulling together the general trends and insights of the report since it is long with many details. Thanks.

    • Hi, If your Plane of Intuition is Zero, then it is not included in the report. But yes, I will have to update this in the future : )

      About putting it all together, there is a very nice feature in the Free Numerology App we are promoting that gives you a graphical representation of how your numbers are distributed throughout your Numerology Chart (called Proportional Chart Diagram). It is a nice way of looking at your numbers as a whole, and probably one of my favourite freebies of the app.

      Hope that helps : )


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