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  1. Thank you for my in depth reading. I’ve never had one so detailed. It gave me an awful lot of insight about myself. I found it to be about 85% accurate only because I’m not very talented in music or writing & it kept talking about my creaotalents in the musical or writing field. It also talked about my financial freedom early on in life, wrong agin lbvs. Overall definitely worth the read & im actually surprised you’re giving these away for free with them being so accurate & detailed. Anywho thank you so much for your time 🙂

  2. Thank you for taking the time to do that. Very accurate, equal parts revealing and encouraging, but ultimately just the nudge needed down a ways that's been calling.
    My thanks & best to you and your ongoing work

  3. Hi, this is Jennifer.
    I rated your report as "completely inaccurate" by accident, while
    I thought I clicked " very accurate" as an answer!
    I just wanted to thank you guys, and I'm looking forward to
    visit this site as often as I can.



    • No worries : ) Thank you

  4. I it was very accurate . Thought I did have one question. What does it mean when you challenge, pinnicale, and cycle numbers are all the same? I have no clear transition. From one to the other? Or I have one constant ? Is that common or unusual to see In a reading? It leaves some questions within and as my reading would show me and doubt tend to have issues together. Thank you

  5. It was pretty on point but most of which I was already aware of not because I studied numerology but sought out to know who I was right out the gate if you will. The only question I really have thought is what does it mean when your challenges, pinnacles, and cycles are all the same number? I have no clear transition between each or I just have one that never ends ? Is that common? Or is it unusual? It leaves me with a feeling or sense of unknowing and I dont like that feeling. But then my reading would tell you that 🙂 can you please enlighten me some on this please? Thank you

  6. Thanks for the 50/50 report. I was expecting a deep financoal outlook. Would need some lucky numbers for lottery.
    Once again thanks for a job weldone.

  7. Thank you so much for dedicating you time on doing the reading for me. I founded very accurate ,in most areas ,it gave me the opportunity to find more about myself ,deeper things that I haven't been completely aware off before. This reading can literally change my life as now I'm aware of my weaknesses ,strengths and what I need to focus and work on in order to live a happy and fulfilled life .
    I'm very grateful for your time and effort .
    You put time ,passion and ,love into this reading and immensely grateful for that !
    with love and gratitude ,
    ANA D.

  8. I just want to thank you for this work. My reading is very accurate. As I get older i'm more aware of who I am, and this reading has helped me to put a word to some aspects i knew were there but didn't know how to call them. Thanks!!!

  9. I am much obliged to you for the accurate report. Some details were off but maybe thats just my resistance to face something or it hasnt been revealed so far. All in all thought provoking. Comes along with the combined western+eastern zodiac astrology aka primal sign. Totally align and correspond. Magic!

  10. Thank you so much for your service!


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