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  1. I am very impressed with the detail and general accuracy of your report. I have studied numerology but a different system, based on 12. I recozlegnise myself easily and somewhat ruefully in your words.
    However, some things leave me puzzled.Plane of Expression Intuitive is 4 which should make me conventional in religious beliefs. But I was brought up in a family of clairvoyants and felt isolated and ridiculed as a result. I've never been traditionalist in my thinking.
    First Cycle is 5 which should mean freedom from care. But I had 3 kids under 3 years old by age 29 and had to cope in new surroundings without help. Oops.
    Also, with Personality 23/5 you warn of gluttony and weight gain, I'm highly strung and battle to keep on enough weight, Can't be bothered t eat since being (recently) widowed.
    So - it's an interesting game. Thank you for the reading, I found it generally fabulous.

  2. Nice!!! Jose carlos gomez of oxnard,ca here babyyy! 100% accurate! i love it.

    • : )

  3. Hello.

    Do you give out advice or help with choosing the right direction to take in personal matters

  4. What other type of reports do you do? My report was so accurate it makes me a believer this is real.

  5. Highly Intresting. Nice Read.

    So much detailing. Njoed completely.

    All best to you & your team. Am recommending this to few of my friends.

    • Glad you enjoyed the reading. Thank you 🙂

  6. Extremely interesting and informational. My fun was seeing how I was to be at a younger age and how true the life path turned out perfectly. There were some places that I noticed where I could see both sides of what was stated.
    I think this was the best I have ever understood or found to be right on.
    Thank you for this long and personal reading.
    Mazie Miles

  7. Thank you so much that you took your time to do a reading for me just for free. Thank you so much I'm so grateful..Bless

  8. This reading is one if the key for my next being. Thank you

  9. Thank You for the reading

  10. Thank you dearly for a wonderful and to the point reading! So very useful!


    • Excellent work. The reading could be used as a map to guide you in the course of your life and provide you with some motivation and direction whenever one feels lost.

      • Thank You Maryam. God Bless!
        Love Always.. Rohan


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