I've had several requests and inquiries from those with Greek background regarding their numerology charts. Below are two tables you can use to convert your name from a Greek to a Roman letter equivalent ... which you can then use to calculate your Expression, Heart's Desire and Personality numbers using the calculator to the right. You can also use your converted name and submit it for the free reading service I provide. It should be noted that whenever you are working with a non Roman alphabet, such as Greek, Hebrew, or Japanese, to name just a few examples, it is best to use the numerology system that is native to your mother tongue and one which was derived with your language and culture in mind. Nevertheless, the following key charts can be used to assign the actual numerical influences of each letter of the Greek alphabet, and then used for conversion to the identical letter values of the Roman alphabet.
Greek Alphabet Numerology Table
Roman Alphabet Numerology Table
If you would like to know how these numbers are interpreted within the context of your numerological chart, please visit the following page for a free numerology reading - http://seventhlifepath.com/numerology-personality-reading/