I know many have asked this question of others, and surely of themselves ... can Numerology be for real, in fact, can any such subject hold a bigger truth?

I am a skeptic myself. I question and I analyze. I search for the truth ... I am a Seven to the letter. Is this mere coincidence, I often ask? I could simply say yes, pure statistical reasoning. I am one of those that are on the far right of the "how well does this describe you" statistical bell curve. One of those for whom Numerology, much like Astrology, is nearly dead on accurate. I am one of those for whom this system, a system that can at best be called a pseudo-science by most, fits me like a glove ... simply by pure chance.

My other thought ... there is more to this than coincidence, and perhaps it is those that do not believe, do so because they are on the wrong path. Their eyes wide open yet blind to the truth. For reasons unknown. Is it Karma? Perhaps their souls haven't yet awakened ... or perhaps it is after all simply by pure chance. These systems that border the line between the real and the metaphysical have been around for thousands of years, and one can also argue that over the years, there just might be enough observational data to warrant that these systems do hold some truth to them.

Even as my mind assumes that ideas such as those presented by Numerology and Astrology are nothing more than wishful thinking, and the beliefs they represent are but mere illusions of my conscious and subconscious self, I come to ponder ... what is real after all? Is not that which we create within the infinite confines of our imagination real?

When I contemplate the vastness of our universe, and search within for not only the limits of the unimaginably large, but also the beginnings of the infinitesimally small, I reach a point where my mind comes to the conclusion that logic in itself cannot explain everything. There comes a point in our understanding of our very existence where the physical laws of this world begin to break down, where nothing is at it seems, and where paradoxes arise. It is at these extremes that the lines between science and philosophy begin to blur, and anything becomes possible.
  1. I don't like being so skeptical about these ideas, but is there this template that lines up with the universe and dates/calendars something like astrology? Didn't man decide what years to add a day to the calendar? (after all one day can make all the difference in your profile), not to mention datelines and other cultures calendars. Numerology has never felt organic to me. My ignorance or is this really just a parlor game to entertain? BTW my personal number is so not me!

    • First thing is, are you certain your dates are correct, It's surprizing how many people's dates get changed either from the confusion consequential on being born in the early hours of the 'night' / morning, or by being remembered wrongly by family subsequently .
      It is actually remarkable how, as a matter of fact one persons birth date number ( anyway ) simply could NOT fit another person .
      These no. identities are not wishy washy matters , or generalities . The characteristics described for each No. are highly specific, individual and detailed .
      No one SHOULD 'believe in ' any kind of extraneous system outside of our own principles and common sense. But it is an interesting and useful area of study, just as validly so as any other subject .
      Try investigating the possibility that the birth date you've believed to be correct, is not so ? Also you could study OTHER people's
      numerology , and see if you think the results are accurate to any of them or could be applied and fit any old person indiscriminately ?

  2. Great piece! Spot on


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