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This page will be updated with more free numerology, astrology, and other pseudo scientific offers we can find out there on the web. The free offers below have been tried out by us, and we feel that they are worthy of giving them a chance 🙂 The links to these external sites are also part of our affiliate partners or sponsors programs, so if you do end up purchasing something in addition to the free services they provide, we do make a commission.

Free Numerology Analysis offer by

Followed, of course, by options to purchase something afterwards, the initial free calculation and explanation of your core numbers is very good, and there is no need to sign up for anything to get it. Recommended to at least have a look.

numerologist free reading offer

Free Mayan Analysis offer by

The free portion is followed by options to purchase more products if you like, but not necessary. The free Mayan analysis is unique and not found on many sites, and you are likely to find it quite interesting as it gives a much different perspective from the standard astrology or numerology readings.

numerology mayan free reading offer

numbers . names . numerology .

And of course, our free readings here as well. No strings attached, although we do accept donations for the free service ... and to help keep the site running 😉

Our Free Numerology Profile Readings

  1. Lav

    You and your heart and website are such a blessing to me and others. May you be blessed many-fold!

  2. Nicole

    Thank you so much for your insight and services!! Your report and website is fantastic!

    • se7en

      You are very welcome! : )

  3. Louise

    Thanks for the great & helpful information! I am also life path 7.

  4. Jenny

    I thank you too, what a treat and bless you.

  5. Jadyn

    Hello 7ths life path, I was just wondering why the name of your website is 7th life path?

    • se7en

      Because I am life path number 7 : )

  6. Jacquie

    Thank you for such a wonderful website! I love numerology and your site was a "one-stop-shop" for everything numbers! I appreciate the free readings as well. I intend on making a donation asap, and referring people to your site. Thanks again!

    • se7en

      Thank you Jacquie. Glad you are finding our site helpful.


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