Numerology Number 3

Just like every number in Numerology, the Number 3 is represented by a set of character traits and attributes which are both positive and negative.

A balanced Number 3 represents an upbeat, expressive, creative, playful, inspiring, and uplifting energy. The 3 is a vibration of an optimist ... fun loving, and perhaps even childlike in nature. Those with 3s in their chart tend to be less conventional, easy going, with a great sense of humor, an upbeat nature, and a go with the flow attitude.

On a more negative side, the energy of an unbalanced Number 3 tends to be somewhat scattered, unfocused, and impulsive. The 3 can be undisciplined, escapist, irresponsible, cynical, and sarcastic, and those with 3s in their chart can be less grounded, more restless, and get bored more easily.

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The attributes of Number 3, both positive and negative, are applied across all the aspects of our Numerology Chart and whether we are looking at our Life Path Number, or Soul Urge Number these attributes do not change.

What does changes is how these traits and attributes are applied depending on which aspects of our Numerology Chart we are currently looking at.

One of Number 3s character traits is CREATIVITY, and the following is a very simple example of how this attribute would be used within the context of each of our Core Numerology Numbers …
  • Life Path Number 3 - You are drawn to creative and artistic pursuits
  • Expression Number 3 - You are likely more creative than others
  • Heart’s Desire/Soul Urge 3 - You likely crave for a creative outlet
  • Personality Number 3 - You are often seen as very creative

It is important to note that regardless of which aspect of our Numerology Chart we are looking at, individuals who are well balanced will find themselves exhibiting more of the positive traits, while those who tend to be off balance are likely to exhibit more of the negative attributes that the Numerology Number 3 represents.


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