Your Numerology Chart Summary includes the calculation methods and short introduction to your Life Path, Expression, Heart’s Desire and Personality Numbers. It gives you a summary of 27 Numbers in your Numerology Chart and a Balance Graph indicating the distribution of the Numbers 1 to 9 within the overall chart it-self. If interested, an in-depth Numerology Reading is available for purchase at the end of the summary | sample reading
    • Your Birth Name
    • Your Current/Short Name

Numerology Compatibility Analysis

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Birth Date Numbers

Life Path Number

life path number

Karmic Debt Number

karmic debt number

Attitude/Sun Number

Attitude Sun Number number

Discover Your Mayan Signs and The Clues They Have For Your Future

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Discover Your Mayan Signs and The Clues They Have For Your Future

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JULY 2020 Free Numerology Offers & Events

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numerology 2020 event calendar

Your guide to the most meaningful events and noteworthy numerology days of 2020

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Numbers in Numerology

Learn about their Vibration, Attributes and Meaning
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Numerology Number 1 Numerology Number 1 Numerology Number 1 Numerology Number 1 Numerology Number 1 Numerology Number 1 Numerology Number 1 Numerology Number 1 Numerology Number 1

  1. Thank you ?

    • You are very welcome 🙂

  2. Much gratitude for the help and guidance you are providing to all! Thank you thank you thank you and god bless!

  3. Finding purpose

  4. I’m interested in my numerology reading

    • If you submitted your information you should be receiving it within 2 to 4 days. You should check your spam/junkmail folder if you didn't receive it in due time.

      Hope that helps : )

  5. Thank you for the website! I was wondering, how all the readings apply when you use a pen name for your work and/or changed your name at some point in your life...
    more insight on this topic would be much appreciated! thank you again!! warm regards, Leoa

    • Hi Leoa,

      In Pythagorean numerology, which is what we use on our site, the majority of the numbers within your numerological chart are derived either from your date of birth, or your FULL birth name. The short name (or changed name through marriage, etc..) only influences couple of minor numbers within the overall reading.

      Hope that answers your question.

  6. Thank you

  7. Hi ma'am I see that is says your site will be up and running the first week in December. I don't mind donating and honestly you cam take your time with the readings but I just wanted to know if I should wait until the site is available to enter my information or should I donate now?

    • Hi Candace, the submission form for the free numerology readings is now available. Donations are very much appreciated. Thank you.

  8. Tanx

    • I have no 9's anywhere in my free numerology report and I struggle to get things finished. If I change my name, would that change my luck finishing stuff if there are more 9s involved?

  9. Hey
    Just wanted to say I Love the new Look.
    But I do miss the old look.
    Thats the saturn influence in me.

    • Well thank you : ) Yes it was time to update to a responsive website design, and we were short on time so we kept it relatively simple, but there are still many incremental changes to be made in due time.

  10. Is there a medium or psychic I can talk to on here?

    • Hi Elizabeth, we don't offer clairvoyant services here, but we do have a link up in the main header menu to a 3rd party website.

      If you can't find it you can also CLICK HERE

      All the best


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