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  1. Thank you, se7ven for sending my numerology report. I very much like the well designed and comprehensive style - it is a wonderful read!

    My report is in many ways accurate and highlights significant talents as well as challenges. Some aspects for me are too emphazised, though, and do not resonate. This goes for both the positive (what a pity) and the negative (hell no) aspects.

    I don't know if it makes sense, but I was not always comfortable with my full name in different periods of my life, like something was "off". Sometimes my name was just my name, it felt ok, and I did not think about it. At other times it felt like the name itself was ok, but I was the wrong person for the name. In particular for the last couple of years I have been estranged with my full name. Maybe it all comes down to a typing error, since my last name ist Hungarian and was mistyped with one letter missing at a German magistrate when my father applied for German citizenship. The typo had never been corrected. My birth certificate has this "Germanized" version of my name on it as well as my ID, etc.

    Or maybe some periods in my life clashed with my name, because I have a strange/reverse gear method of living my life cycles ... (?) ... possibly.

    I will order another report for good measure being curious about if a single letter makes a significant difference.

    TY ? in advance for your numerology wisdom.

    Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best ✨

  2. My chart was very accurate I accidentally pressed the wrong button. Thank you for doing my chart it gave much needed confirmation

    • All good ... thank you : )

  3. Thank you for my received my numerology reading. I did notice the fact that I am a Jr. was not added to my full name and was wondering if that throws off the accuracy of my reading? I am curious about weather or not it makes a difference?

    • Hi Lonnie, suffixes such as Jr, Sr, or III are not used for the calculation of our Numerology Charts.

      • Thank you for the reading

  4. Thank you 7LP for getting my reading to me in such a short period of time.

    My reading is ridiculously accurate. Unfortunately, my life has always been on the wrong side of each number (this year being no different).

    Plenty of great potential in my life for both great and terrible things and, in my first 34 years, according to this reading, I’ve already seen just about all of the terrible possibilities listed play out.

    Hopefully some of the good kick in really soon. I can really use a break.

    Thanks again 7LP. This was an amazing read.

  5. Beautiful and accurate break down of my characteristics and challenges. I am constantly looking for more information into why I do things the way I do and this gave me some clear insight. Thank you.

  6. WOW! It's as if this looked deeply into my being and brought all my dreams and challenges into a lengthy but powerful read. Way better than a horoscope! I immediately got a full reading for my partner as well and the accuracy is ridiculously solid! I don't know how other people didn't vote this as accurate, but I resonated with everything on some level. I feel like I sound like an overly enthusiastic robot, but it is what it is. I'm going to recommend this to everyone and anyone I know who's interested in spiritual work.

  7. This was insanely accurate.

    I felt like I was gradually reading a deep analysis of my character and emotions unfolding before my eyes with a pinch of premonition.

    Thank you so much.

  8. I love it . The thing I struggle the most over all is I'm adopted from Russia. My birth name is Olga Shubina n there wasn't a knowledge of my birth record. Now my intuition say completely other wise. And I figured out that my real birth year was 1995 n I ask my adoptive dad if it was the year I was born not 94 n he said yes n I ask why he changed my year n he smiled n nothing else was said. My name was change from Olga shubina to Olya Kristina Simon n my birth certificate was made along with my brothers at age 3 (1994) and he was 6 (brothers age). I ask a solistic healer to help me find my birth date n we came to January 1 or 2 probably midnight but I was a twin we were thinking n she past before or after my birth. I don't know anything else about myself but my mom's real name n father's I think was alekander . I want to know how to find out about who I am an what name I am to use n birthday when it comes to numerology.

  9. I am in total amazement!! Everything hit right on with this reading! I didn’t know that this reading matches me almost perfectly. It helped me tremendously reading it and understanding ME!!!
    Thank you so very much

  10. Can you explain how I can have zeroes in my reading.Is this correct or a mistake?

    • Hi Elsie, yes you can definitely have zeros, depending on which number in your numerology chart you are looking at. In your case I believe your Heart's Desire/Personality Bridge number was a zero. This number is derived at by looking at the difference between your Heart's Desire and your Personality Numbers. If they are both the same, your bridge number would be zero : )


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