Life Path Master Number 11

Master Number 11 is considered the most intuitive of all numbers, and those with the Life Path Number 11 tend to be very sensitive and intuitive, with a deeper understanding of others and a natural sense of what is going on behind the scenes. For example, they will pick up on people's relationships and health without being told anything, and so they often end up working in the fields where they can use their gifts of intuition, and sensitivity to help others.
Life Path Number 11 has the qualities of the number two magnified. If you have this number you are likely more spiritually aware, a visionary, inspiring, charismatic, inventive, a dreamer, idealistic, and a deep thinker, and you rely on faith rather than logic to deal with the life and all it has to offer.

The challenge for Elevens is to not be overwhelmed by their gifts. Fears and phobias would be the downside of this number. They may also seem at times indecisive, impractical, nervous, and moody.

Master Number 11 is concerned with spiritual illumination. Often a Number 11 will have an instinctive understanding of metaphysical matters.

Because Elevens are also Twos, they have the strength to finish what they start. 11 is also a good number for forming partnerships because you tend to work and play well with others.

It is important to remember that Master Number 11, even though discussed here as a separate entity, is simply the higher, double digit vibration of the number 2. As such, you should also look at the definition of Life Path Number 2 as that is your base vibration.

How accurate do you find the above description of Life Path Number 11?

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Well known people with Life Path Number 11

Harry Houdini March 24, 1874
Ronald Reagan February 6, 1911
Hans C. Anderson April 2, 1805
Michael Jordan February 17, 1963
Orlando Bloom January 13, 1977
Bill Clinton Aug. 19, 1946
Michelle Obama January 17, 1964
Prince William June 21, 1982
Robert Downey Jr April 4, 1965
Annie Lennox December 25, 1954
David Beckham May 2, 1975
Edgar Allan Poe January 19, 1809
Wolfgang A. Mozart Jan. 27, 1756
Lucy Liu December 2, 1968
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Each aspect of your Numerology Chart is defined by a number ranging from 1 to 9, and although your Life Path is the most influential of all the numbers, it is but one of the many ingredients that together form your entire chart.

A Numerology Blueprint naturally arises from all these different ingredients, allowing us to better visualize which of the numbers 1 to 9 are more dominant and influential within your chart. This can often be helpful in explaining why some people don’t always relate to a definition of their Life Path Number, or perhaps the meaning behind their Expression and Heart’s Desire Numbers.

As a simple example, if your Life Path Number is a 2, but the rest of your numbers are all 9s, you will find yourself relating more to the Number 9. In this case, the Number 9 would be the dominant and influential force within your overall Numerology Chart.
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⚬ It is very unlikely to meet a person with the same exact Numerology Blueprint as yours
⚬ Many people don’t realize that the colours associated with each numerology number are based on the colours of our chakras.

If interested, your Blueprint is included along with your Core Number calculations and definitions in our free Numerology Chart Summary.

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  1. I'm born on August 11, 2000, with life path number 3. But have all the characteristics of the master number 11, much more of a comparison than 3. Does being born on the 11th give me the title of master number 11.

    • I am an 11, and let me to you. It's not easy. I'm 32 ( 3/11/86) and honestly the easiest way to know I am an 11 well before finding out is my intuition. I'm a pieces, as well as an 11. Both extremely intuitive and psychic. 11 is known as the wizard. For good reason. The most interesting part is I have a twin brother and both live very deferent lives but alot the same in many ways. As for your question, there are many factors that go into your life. More then you know. Factors from reality that breath consciousness into the fabric of your being from multiple dimensions outside of time and space to create a unique experience to enrich your soul as a whole. That said, your still young. Always ask why and understand, patience is key. It wasn't til the last few years I understood what reality really is and the meaning existence.

      • Szia Szabo, you certainly have the intuitive metaphysical understanding of an 11.

        Neither my birthday nor Life path are 11, but my expression/destiny number is, and I am seeing my destiny unfold in this manner.

      • It's great to stumble across all these 11s in one place. Nice to meet you from another 11 🙂

  2. For everyone asking what their life path number is, there is a life path calculator on the site.

    • 🙂

  3. Hm... I am an 11, born 16 October 1965.... I do not feel very intuitive? Is this because I did not get any training? How can I train to be more intuitive?

    • friend, the fact that u have noticed this means u are realy intuitive. thousands of people would never notice that they are not but intuitive but intuitive 'u ' knows so work on urself more.

      • Don't worry Daniela, I'm an 11 and I don't feel super intuitive either. I like what Genesis said though! 🙂

        • You could try meditating or hanging out or paying for spiritual guidance with people who you feel are currently more intuitive than you! That's what I've been doing 🙂

    • Kryon channeling. Oh and trust all gut instincts over logic.

    • Listen to your inner voice don’t shut it down let it guide you

  4. I am born on 22 Aug 1997. Am I 11 or 2.

    • Hi Sawal
      Aug = 8
      22 = 22 (master numbers are not reduced within the calculation)
      1997 = 26 = 8
      Your life path = 8 + 22 + 8 = 38 = 11/2 ... think of it as being Life Path 2 with your higher double digit vibration being Master Number 11.

    • You are an 11/2. Both really. You’re a master number like me! Look it up for more information!

      • You're an 11 as master numbers are not further reduced

  5. My name number is 36/9 and Day no 1 and life path 2. Does this combination creates problems in life or its ok

  6. hi, i'm 24 December, 1973.

    well written for 11.

    i'm magnified 2 energy with the potential of master number 11.


  7. I’m unsure whether I am path 2 or 11? Please help! 24th September 1985

  8. Hi,

    Thanks for info.

    What is my life path number, my DOB is 20 Jan 1979.

    Many Thanks,

    • hi there ...
      Jan = 1
      20 = 2
      1979 = 26 = 8
      Your life path = 1 + 2 + 8 = 11/2

  9. Hi,What is my exact lifepath number and hkw do I calculate expression number? DOB:- 10 january 1989

    • your life path 11/2. if you born at night time, more towards 2 (moon) with 11(master number).

      • I was born at 1:05 am on 10 jan it taken as morning or night time?

  10. What is my life path number. My date of birth is Feb 11, 1987

    • Hi Tosharree! It seems that your life path number is 2 and/or 11 (same # as me!)
      14=numerologically reduces to 5
      = numerologically reducea to (13)=4
      4+7= (11) which numerologically reduces to 2

      Therefore: 2, 11 🙂

    • Hi Tosharree, using the Pythagorean method of calculation ..
      Feb = 2
      11 = 11 (master numbers are not reduced within the calculation)
      1987 = 25 = 7
      Your life path number = 2 + 11 + 7 = 20/2 not 11/2. However you do have an 11 as your day number so that does have influence on you as well.


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