Life Path Number 2

Life path number 2 is a vibration of duality and division, the number of truth and learning. Those with Life Path number 2 seeks harmony and peace, and are symbolized by relationships, co-operation, and being considerate and thoughtful of others. People with a Life Path 2 are natural peacemakers, and because they see all the viewpoints in any situation, handle difficult situations with grace, and tend to be persuasive rather than forceful when trying to get their point across, people may often look to them to be a mediator in any argument.

They are very loyal, and when they say that they love you, count on it! They welcome companionship and the chance to share their lives with someone special. They are extremely sensitive to others and have the ability to truly listen. Twos are sincere, honest and open and see the best in people. Because of their sensitivity, gentleness and loving spirit, they make an excellent friend or lover.

Few things to be wary if your Life Path number is 2, as your sensitivity can also in some ways be your downfall. Many people with a Life Path of 2 are oversensitive, shy, and afraid to speak their minds. Because you are afraid of being hurt you may avoid confrontation and hold back your opinions. This can cause you to have trouble contributing to a group, and may make you feel resentful because you are withholding your ideas and contributions. You compassion and caring for other people also may cause you to deny your own needs in favor of the needs of others, which can also lead to feelings of resentment or anger, and if you feel threatened or pushed to the wall, you can become the terrible Twos, however, ultimately you do not want conflict.

How accurate do you find the above description of Life Path Number 2?

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Well known people with Life Path Number 2

Amelia Earhart July 24, 1897
Madonna August 16, 1958
Jennifer Aniston Feb 11, 1969
Sarah Brightman Aug., 14 1960
Kim Basinger December 8, 1953
Kirk Douglas December 9, 1916
Mark Wahlberg June 5, 1971
Tim Burton August 25, 1958

Wesley Snipes July 31, 1962
Diana Ross March 26, 1944
Jennifer Lopez July 24, 1969
Kanye West June 8, 1977
Tony Blaire May 06, 1953
Barrack Obama August 4, 1961
Meg Ryan November 19, 1961
Michelle Pfeiffer April 29, 1958

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  1. Tieran

    Im uncertain about my calculations. April 16, 1998 - (4) + 1+6 (7) + 1+9+9+8 (27) 2+7 (9) - 4+7+9 (20) = 2? Is that right?

    • se7en

      That is correct : )

  2. Amanda

    Is that correct? Why was the year changed back to “11” from “2” in last section? Wouldn’t it be 2+3+6=11/2?
    Mine is March 31,1988
    3 +(3+1)+(1+9+8+8) = 3+4+26 =3+4+8 =15/6 correct?

    • se7en

      Hi Amanda, 11 is a master number and it is not reduced within the calculation. And that is correct. Your life path is 15/6 🙂


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