Life Path Number 6

Life Path Number 6 is the number of responsibility and awareness, and those born with a Life Path number 6 tend to be incredible nurturers. You are likely more home, family, or community oriented, and tend to be more loving, warm, understanding, compassionate, responsible and reliable and interested in pleasing others. You are an excellent caretaker and provider, and enjoy being of service to others, and this is especially true with your family and friends. You life revolves around home and family, and your parenting instincts are very strong.
As a Life Path Number 6, you should keep an eye on yourself as you may become self-righteous and critical of others. Because you are so giving you might have a tendency to become a slave to others and neglect your own needs in the process. The word domestic most likely describes you well, and one job you would love is being a stay at home parent.

Because you thrive on supporting others you may sometimes find it difficult to find a balance between helping and meddling. You may also become an enabler for someone who needs taking care of in a relationship, or with a child, and not allow them to experience life or learn its lessons. People born on the Sixth path are often described as magnetic, as people are often drawn to them, and their moods can affect the room.

Your tendency is to be a humanitarian and you feel a genuine devotion to the welfare of your fellow human beings, but you must be careful of putting people on pedestals, as they often have a tendency to topple.

How accurate do you find the above description of Life Path Number 6?

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Well known people with Life Path Number 6

Eleanor Roosevelt Oct. 11, 1884
Britney Spears Dec. 2, 1981
John McEnroe February 16, 1959
Goldie Hawn November 21, 1945
Ian Fleming May 28, 1908
Albert Einstein March 14, 1879
James Brown May 3, 1933
James Dean February 8, 1931
Justin Timberlake January 31, 1981
Victoria Beckham April 17, 1974
Donald Sutherland July 17, 1935
Jennifer Lawrence Aug. 15, 1990
John Lennon October 9, 1940
Stevie Wonder May 13, 1950
Federico Fellini Jan. 20, 1920
Thomas Edison February 11, 1847
Galileo Galilei Feb. 15, 1564
Stephen King Sept. 21, 1947
Bruce Willis March 19, 1955
Christopher Reeve Sept. 25, 1952
Christopher Walken March 31, 1943
Clive Owen October 3, 1964
Ben Affleck August 15, 1972
Robert De Niro August 17, 1943
Eddie Murphy April 3, 1961
Howie Mandel November 29, 1955
James Dean February 8, 1931
Heather Locklear Sept. 25, 1961
Jessica Alba April 28, 1981
Jude Law December 29, 1972
Michael Caine 14 March 1933
Michael Jackson August 29, 1958
Sylvester Stallone July 6, 1946
Robert Pattinson May 13, 1986
James Brown May 3, 1933
Lenny Kravitz May 26, 1964
Nicole Scherzinger June 29, 1978
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Each aspect of your Numerology Chart is defined by a number ranging from 1 to 9, and although your Life Path is the most influential of all the numbers, it is but one of the many ingredients that together form your entire chart.

A Numerology Blueprint naturally arises from all these different ingredients, allowing us to better visualize which of the numbers 1 to 9 are more dominant and influential within your chart. This can often be helpful in explaining why some people don’t always relate to a definition of their Life Path Number, or perhaps the meaning behind their Expression and Heart’s Desire Numbers.

As a simple example, if your Life Path Number is a 6, but the rest of your numbers are all 9s, you will find yourself relating more to the Number 9. In this case, the Number 9 would be the dominant and influential force within your overall Numerology Chart.
Numerology Number 6
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⚬ It is very unlikely to meet a person with the same exact Numerology Blueprint as yours
⚬ Many people don’t realize that the colours associated with each numerology number are based on the colours of our chakras.

If interested, your Blueprint is included along with your Core Number calculations and definitions in our free Numerology Chart Summary.

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  1. People who come to me for help actually are very insulting and selfish. No I don't like helping most people, they need to become self reliant. Only a mother should nurture their kids, the true way is to help oneself not be a dependent selfish parasite. I really don't agree with my number 6. I prefer to people who reciprocate my care. People who use your generosity for selfish gains need to be punished heavily with karma.

    • Very sad to hear. I'm an 8 and I find 6 people very nice. They are always compassionate and caring. Personally I think world should have more 6 people. My youngest cousin is a 6 and is an adorable mischievous funny and cute lad. But I am very sad to hear you dislike being a 6.

  2. My birthday is 01/30/1964

    Can you tell me what my life path number is I was told it was the number 6

    • Hi Leslie, that is correct ...
      01 = 1
      30 = 3
      1964 = 20 = 2
      LIFE PATH = 1 + 3 + 2 = 6

  3. I’ve been told 3 different ways of how to calculate this number, it’s getting kind frustrating. Does anybody actually truly know the correct way to do this, because so far I’ve come out with master number 33, life path 6, and life path 15 ??‍♀️ My DOB 05/14/1994! I would just like a real ole straight CORRECT answer ?

    • Hi Georgia,

      Most professional Numerologists who use the Pythagorean method of calculation will calculate your Life Path number by first reducing your month, day, and year separately, and then add the numbers up together (master numbers are not reduced within the calculation itself). This method also ties together all the rest of the numbers within your Numerology Chart.

      In your case your Life Path number is calculated as follows ...
      05 = 5
      14 = 5
      1994 = 23 = 5
      Your Life Path number = 5 + 5 + 5 = 15/6 not 33/6

      Please remember that regardless of whether your higher double digit vibration is 15, 24, 33, 42 or 51 … you will always be a 6 : )

      The Straight across method where you simply add all your digit straight across (ex: 0+5+1+4+1+9+9+4=33=6) is the simplest, but least accurate method you can use. If you are interested in more information please have a look at the following link ...

      as well as this link for some comparisons between the different methods ...


  4. My son was told his life path is 7 but I think he’s an 11 please tell me who right his birthdate is 21, 1.87

    • Hi Lynda,
      jan = 1
      21 = 3
      1987 = 25 = 7
      His life path = 1 + 3 + 7 = 11/2

  5. Hello! What numbers are lucky for people with a life path number of 6?

  6. Halo,06-18-1968

    • 06 = 6
      18 = 9
      1968 = 24 = 6
      Your life path number = 6 + 9 + 6 = 21 = 3

  7. Can u give me calculation of my main 6 life number DB 11-4-1971.

    • Hi Melissa,
      11 stays 11 because it is a master number
      4 = 4
      1971 = 18 = 9
      Your life path = 11 + 4 + 9 = 24/6 ... more information on How to Calculate Life Path Number

  8. My DOB is 03-12-1989
    Which number should I consider as my Life path number option 1 or 2.
    Option 1
    1 . 3+1+2+1+9+8+9= life path 33

    Option 2

    2. 3 +12=15(5+1)6 the year 1989 (1+9+8+9)27 (2+7)9

    Life path =6

  9. My bday is 1-08-1977


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