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Numerology Forecast relies on the premise that just as we use Numbers to better understand an individual's attributes and character traits, we can use the same Numbers to estimate the emergence of possible future patterns.

One of the most popular Numerology Forecast metrics is the Personal Year Number, which is used as a strong indicator of the trends and circumstances you are likely to experience during the year ahead.

Your Personal YEAR Number is calculated using your Day and Month of Birth, and the CURRENT Year.

Along with your Personal Year Numbers, several other metrics are used to provide a more complete picture of the year ahead. These include …

⚬ Period Cycles
⚬ Pinnacle Cycles
⚬ Transits (Physical, Mental, Spiritual)
⚬ Essence Cycle
⚬ Personal Year Numbers for current and next year
⚬ Personal Month Numbers for the next 12 months

If interested in an in-depth and comprehensive Numerology Forecast Report that includes definitions and meaning of all of the above numbers, please complete the NUMEROLOGY FORECAST ORDER FORM.

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All paid for readings are delivered to the email provided in PDF format within 12 hours

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Annual Numerology Forecast

The Year 2020 carried the energy of unlimited creation and physical manifestation. But here we are, in 2021, wondering … What went wrong? If you are curious about the year ahead, try the → 2021 Video Numerology Forecast

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Discover Your Mayan Signs and The Clues They Have For Your Future

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Discover Your Mayan Signs and The Clues They Have For Your Future

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