5 Visuddha - Throat Chakra

As the name suggests, Throat Chakra’s focal energy is centered at the throat. This is the second Chakra that relates to our Emotional Self, representing self-expression through creativity, ingenuity, and communication using written, spoken, or otherwise symbolic means, including art, music, and other creative venues.

Direct Translation

Visuddha = Pure

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  • Under-Active – thyroid problems and throat ailments, speech and hearing impediments, neck and shoulder pain, inability to express oneself, shy, unable to concentrate, introverted, dishonest
  • Balanced – good at expressing oneself, able to listen and communicate well, honesty
  • Over-Active – too blunt, domineering with ideas, talk too much

Throat Chakra Color

Throat Chakra is represented by the BLUE color vibration, same as Numerology Number 5.

Throat Chakra Mantra

Sanskrit word HAM
Pronounced H A A A M M
Element ETHER

Throat Chakra Mandala

A circle, within an inverted triangle, within a sixteen petaled lotus.
Visuddha - Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra Mudra

Place your hands, facing up, in your lap, with your fingers interlocked and thumbs touching at the tips.
mudra throat  chakra


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