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Our Free Numerology Calculator includes an introduction to your Life Path, Expression, Heart’s Desire and Personality Numbers, along with a summary of up to 30 Numbers that make up your overall Numerology Chart & Blueprint.

If interested, a detailed Professional Numerology Report is available for purchase at the end of the Free Summary. Sample Numerology Report | 222KB

What is included with your Numerology Reading?
Your Numerology Reading is an extensive NUMEROLOGY PERSONALITY PROFILE report, that includes detailed definitions and explanations of up to 30 Numbers that are introduced in the free Numerology Chart Summary above.

Numerology Chart ReadingIn addition, we've also added a Personal Year Number Forecast BONUS section for the current and following year, and we take a closer look at your overall number distribution in a 2 page Numerology Blueprint summary.

All paid for readings are delivered in PDF format to the email provided within 12 hours.
sample reading | 222kb
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Numerology Compatibility Analysis

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expression destiny numerology number calculator

Heart's Desire/Soul
Urge Number

hearts desire soul urge numerology number calculator


personality numerology number calculator

Explore the depths of your personality, relationships and purpose in life


Numbers in Numerology

Learn about their Vibration, Attributes and Meaning

Numerology Number 1 Numerology Number 1 Numerology Number 1 Numerology Number 1 Numerology Number 1 Numerology Number 1 Numerology Number 1 Numerology Number 1 Numerology Number 1


  1. There is a name on my identity document that I use use and my real name is not on my identity document; so how would I know which name to use when calculating my Destiny Number?

    • Hi Mandla, good question. If you have been using the name that is on your documents your entire life, as most people would, even though that was not supposed to be your real name, you should still use it for the calculations, as essentially that became your real name … whether because of someone’s error, or by chance/fate. In the end it is really up to you, but that would make sense to me.

  2. I’m curious what the number infront of the personality number means. Etc (#)/2

    • Hi Danielle, the double digit number indicates where your single digit base value is derived from ... so 11/2 or 20/2 for example.

  3. I was adopted and I would like to know if I should use my birth name that was never registered? or my adopted name which was registered 2 weeks two weeks after my birth? Thanks 😊

    • Hi, go with your adopted name in this case. Cheers :)

  4. DOB #S
    Life path - 33/6
    Birthday - 22
    First Pinnacle - 9
    Second pinnacle - 1
    Third pinnacle - 1
    Fourth pinnacle - 11
    1st cycle - 5
    2nd cycle - 22
    3rd cycle - 6
    Karmic debt - 0

    Expression - 22/4
    Minor Expression - 11/2
    Personality - 5
    Hearts's desire - 8
    Heart's desire personality bridge - 3
    Balance - 12/3
    Cornerstone - 4
    Subconscious self - 8
    Karmic lessons -2

  5. Awesome site, thanks!

    • ❤️

  6. Hello, my name has a Y used as a vowel, I tried using the reading but didn’t work, how can we fix it to purchase my report?

    • Hi Rosy, the form automatically decides if the Y in your name is seen as a VOWEL or a CONSONANT. If you'd like to change these defaults, go back and use the asterisk symbol * where you believe the Y should be a CONSONANT and the hashtag symbol # where you believe the Y should be a VOWEL. Hope that helps :)

  7. What is my life path number

  8. Interested in numerology.

  9. O am very interested in numerology and have read a few books on the topic

  10. What type is used in your report? Chaldean, Kabbalah, Tamil, or Pythagorean?

    • We use the Pythagorean Numerology system here.


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