Life Path Number 3

Life path number 3 is a strong vibration, one of creative self expression, independence, playfulness, and communication. People with a Life Path number 3 have a very high level of creativity and self expression. This abundance of creative energy, and the ease with which they are able to communicate in all areas, both written word and verbal, could lead them to become a poet, actor, writer, artist or musician. In fact many writers, radio broadcasters, actors, singers, performers, and counselors share this life path number.

Threes are optimistic, extremely generous and giving souls, and are able to find positive in everything around them. People like to be around them, not only because of these qualities, but also because Threes have a charismatic personality, are great listeners and are very conscious of other people's feelings and emotions. They can easily put the people around them at ease and make them feel comfortable.
Because they enjoy living life to the fullest, Threes tend to live life for today and not worry about tomorrow. They have a hard time taking responsibilities seriously, and probably aren't very good with money, partly because they feel so positive about life they figure everything will work itself out fine. This can sometimes lead those with a Life Path of 3 to live superficially, have a lack of direction in their life, and procrastinate.

When they are hurt emotionally, Threes tend to withdraw and become moody, and can sometimes make biting comments to lash out at people around them. They can be manic depressive if they do not use their creative energy and tend to exaggerate the truth.

How accurate do you find the above description of Life Path Number 3?

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Well known people with Life Path Number 3

Fidel Castro August 13, 1926
Alfred Hitchcock August 13, 1899
Celine Dion March 30, 1968
Charles Dickens February 7, 1812
Maria Sharapova April 19, 1987
Richard D Anderson Jan. 23, 1950
K.D. Lang November 2, 1961
Vivica A. Fox July 30, 1964
Michael Keaton September 5, 1951

Alec Baldwin April 3, 1958
Chris Rock February 7, 1965
Cameron Diaz August 30, 1972
Jackie Chan April 7, 1954
Jamie Foxx December 13, 1967
Jodie Foster November 19, 1962
Kevin Costner January 18, 1955
Kevin Spacey July 26, 1959
Shania Twain August 28, 1965

Nelly Furtado December 2, 1978
Rihanna February 20, 1988
Katy Perry October 25, 1984
David Bowie January 8, 1947
Christina Aguilera Dec. 18, 1980
Snoop Dogg October 20, 1971
Winona Ryder October 29, 1971
William Shatner March 22, 1931
Reese Witherspoon March 22, 1976

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  1. Rosie Chrisjohn

    I already bought your analysis but I think I may be a three because of my everyday name is a different number than my given name.

    • se7en

      Hi Rosie, your life path number is derived from your date of birth and as such your name has no effect on it. Your core name numbers (numbers derived from your birth name) are based on your full birth name, and in Pythagorean numerology your short or everyday name influences only couple of minor numbers within the numerological chart.


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