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What is included in the Full Numerology Personality Profile Reading?
Your Numerology Reading is an extensive NUMEROLOGY PERSONALITY PROFILE report, up to 25 pages long, that includes detailed definitions and explanations of all the numbers that are introduced in the free Numerology Chart Summary above. We've also added a Personal Year Forecast BONUS section for the current and following year.

Numerology Chart ReadingIn additions, we take a closer look at your overall number distribution in a 2 page Numerology Blueprint summary, breaking down your Balance Diagram in greater detail.

All paid for readings are delivered in PDF format to the email provided within 12 hours.
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What is included in the Full Relationship Compatibility Report?
The Relationship Compatibility Report, up to 20 pages long, includes the definitions and explanations of the 4 main Core Numbers for you and your partner, and evaluates their potential, or probability, for a successful relationship. The 4 Core numbers analyzed include:
As a BONUS, we now also include your Personal Year Number Forecast and Compatibility for you and your partner:
Numerology Compatibility  Chart Your OVERALL COMPATIBILITY is evaluated in an additional 2 page summary, taking into account not only your Core Numbers, but also Pinnacles, Cycles, and Personal Years, along with several other numbers from within you Numerology Chart.

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Didn't receive a confirmation message
You should have received a confirmation message from us within a few minutes after you submitted your information, however, at times it might take several hours depending on external factors we can't control. Please check your spam and junkmail folders, and if you still cannot find a confirmation message within a reasonable time, please contact us at

I made a mistake ... can I change it?
You can reply to the confirmation message you should have received from us and let us know of any changes or corrections, or email us directly at
It has been a few days, and I still didn't get my reading : (

Have you submitted your payment? Only paid for Numerology Readings are processed. Please double-check with your PayPal account or Visa/Debit statements to see if your payment was submitted correctly.

Have you checked your email's junk and spam folders? Gmail account users are more likely to have this happen.

Nothing in your Spam Folder? ... You should have received a confirmation message on the day you submitted your information. If you did not, then we likely did not get your information either ... please contact us at

I received a confirmation message, and it has been more than 12hrs, and there is nothing in the junk-mail ...Sometimes it takes more than 12 hours to get a reading out to you, however, just in case, you can forward the confirmation message you received from us and we will get your reading out to you ASAP.

In any case you can always contact us directly at with your information, comments or if you are having technical difficulties.

It's difficult to read the PDF reports
Depending on your screen resolution, it can be difficult to properly read PDF files, particularly when the text or the content of the file does not look sharp. To remedy this, we recommend you open the PDF document within your default browser for the best and sharpest viewing and reading experience. If you do need a PDF reader, we recommend downloading Adobe Reader.
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Any personal information you submit on this website, such as is needed to receive your free and paid for numerology reports, is NOT shared with anyone, specially not any 3rd party vendors. It goes against our very strong personal beliefs and values.

Please refer to out Privacy Page for more details.

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