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Followed, of course, by options to purchase something afterwards, the initial free calculation and explanation of your core numbers is very good, and there is no need to sign up for anything to get it. Recommended to at least have a look.

numerologist free reading offer
  1. Carol milne

    I found all the pages a lot of reading,but I did enjoy it,I was hoping I was going to be told I'd find my soul mate but no such luck haha,I would have preferred a smaller reply but it was free & one can't grumble about that,keep up the good work ,bestwishes to you all Carol .

  2. Kathy Williams

    Accepting donations for work is not the same as charging for the work. This work requires them to have one foot in the realm of the spiritual, and the other firmly grounded, to step down the vibration(s) and make the information understandable. Not an easy task and I greatly appreciate their work.

  3. aditya

    nice one its free and helpful

  4. Douglas Marshall Sheridan

    I value the insight from numerology but it always leaves me wanting more and then asked to pay money for more information. WTF!!! If something is a help it should never drain your wallet or it is psychic masturbation.

    • se7en

      Hi Douglas, our full Numerology readings are free, and although donations are appreciated they are not required. Subscribing is also optional : )

      Take care

    • Ivyanna

      I do not think that is very fair. Would you do your job for free? Its become very difficult for those with gifts to keep giving or focus on those gifts because a few bad people have exploited others. Alas that can be said for any profession in life...keep up the good work 7

  5. Tasya Situmorang

    I ❤❤❤❤ Numerology so much because I get to learn about myself a lot.

  6. Luwis Thai

    Great site for finding true self


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